Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunbelt Bakery Bar

I received the Sunbelt Bakery Bar in my Influenster Bloom VoxBox. I try to keep my diet fairly clean, so I'm always looking for minimally processed foods I can eat on the go.

Enter the Sunbelt Bakery bar. I was so excited when I received it in my VoxBox because it is all natural AND the perfect portion for a snack or quick breakfast on the go. I was impressed by the taste, it was rich but not too sweet. The best part was that it was soft! I can't stand crunchy granola bars mostly because of the mess. I will definitely be trying out more flavors. Two thumbs up.

*I received this complimentary product from Influenster for testing/reviewing purposes*

Monday, April 21, 2014

Red Rose Real Tea

I received the Red Rose Real Tea water enhancer in Black Tea from Influenster for free for reviewing and testing purposes.

I got this product in my UniVoxBox and like I said in the box review, my husband immediately swiped it out of the box. This product doesn't have any unnatural ingredients and is sweetened with cane sugar. 5 Calories per serving is awesome when compared to what normal sweet tea clocks in at.

I love this because it doesn't taste like chemicals or artificial sweetener, and I'll take the 5 calories over the 0 calorie ones just because of this.

I'm actually planning on trying to make a cocktail with it, I love the Firefly Tea and Longhorn's has this amazing Blackberry Firefly Tea that I'm going to try to replicate!

imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails

I received this product complementary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.

This manicure came in my UniVoxBox from Influenster this month and I was really excited to see them. I received them in the first VoxBox I received from Influenster and they were great. I won't be personally using them this time, but I'm going to give them to my sister, since I have a gel manicure on my nails and just got them redone!!

Make sure to rough up your nails with the little file that comes in the package, but, be gentle. You don't want to rip up your nails or the press-on's will start peeling up.
Use the cuticle pusher, it really does help and the edges of the nails won't dig in to your cuticles.

They are really easy to apply and they come in designs and colors that work for everyone, ranging from wild rainbows to a simple french manicure.

They actually last a week, even through my constant typing.

They always feel like they're going to come off, even though they're not going to.

If you try to peel them off before they fall off, they take off little slivers of your nails.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

This month I received the UniVoxBox from Influenster, all products were sent to me for free for testing purposes.

One of the products I received were the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons in Regular Absorbency. At first glance I was excited, I'm always up for trying new tampons or pads because you never know when you'll find something better than what you've been using. The best part, they were free. Tampons are expensive! 

On to the TMI part of the post.....
I normally have to use Super Plus absorbency for the first 3 days of "shark week"
Yeah I call it shark week, it fits.
In my review of the UniVoxBox I mentioned that I had actually purchased the Super and Regular combo pack of these tampons a couple days before my box came. I am very pleased to say that the Super absorbency ones not only did they not leak, I didn't have to change them every 2 hours like I normally would with the Super on a Super Plus kind of day. Also, I was able to use the Regular ones for the rest of shark week,

This is probably common knowledge, but I do want to reiterate it. 
PLEASE remember to change your tampons every 8 hours, at most. Personally, I would recommend every 5-6 hours.
Also, don't sleep in them. This may be a personal thing, but I switch to pads for bed, because you never know how long you'll be sleeping and the risk for TSS is low, but real.

 Go with a lower absorbency in these than you normally would, they really work, trust me!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope everyone is doing awesome ! I started this blog, I think about two years ago and I've never really gotten into it, unfortunately. I'm going to start making YouTube videos, my first of which will be uploaded today, so I figured, why not start blogging like I've wanted to.

Today I'm going to talk about the UniVoxBox I received in the mail about a week and a half ago.
This box was sent to my for free for testing purposes from Influenster.

So here we go. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of everything before I ransacked the box! So, I'll include pictures of the products from the amazing interwebs!

The first thing I received in my voxbox was the Red Rose Real Tea in the flavor "Black Tea." I think my husband has gotten more use out of this than me. The product is a water enhancer, much like those Mio flavors, except this one has no dyes or coloring and is naturally sweetened with cane sugar. One serving contains 5 calories.

The verdict: It is delicious! I love it, my husband loves it. This will definitely be on the shopping list when we run out. AND I got a coupon in the box for $1.00 OFF, I'm sold.

The second thing in my box was the NYC Expert Last Lip Color in the shade "Forever Fuschia"
I was really excited about this because I'm ADDICTED to makeup. I love trying new shades of lipstick since I've only recently gotten brave enough to think outside the box and try some really bright shades. This shade is a neon purplish-pink color, which kind of has a hint of the color of the year (radiant orchid). I love it. It is really similar to the new Urban Decay lipstick in Anarchy that I got in my Ipsy bag a few months ago.
The verdict: The NYC Lip Color is very pigmented and is definitely long lasting. This is another win for the UniVoxBox.

The third thing I received was the Pilot Acroball Pure White pen. I was kind of confused when I opened the box and saw this, a pen? But my husband was excited...strange. He loves pens, so he's going to try this one out for me and report back on it's writing abilities.
The verdict: Don't really have one yet, but if we like the pen, we have a $1.50 OFF coupon and I'll buy some more.

The fourth thing in the voxbox was the Rimmel StayMatte Foundation in True Ivory. I've heard rave reviews about this foundation, so I was really excited to see it in this box. I took a picture of it not all the way blended out, because surprisingly it is a really good match for me.
The verdict: The texture is very silky, almost silicon like. I would definitely repurchase this as a backup for my Make Up Forever HD Foundation.

The fifth thing in my box were the Impress Press on Nails. I actually got this in my last voxbox, and I really liked them. Right now I've been getting gel manicures at the nail salon, but they're a great backup in case my nails chip or I just don't have time to go. The last design I got was a little gaudy, but this one is amazing.
The verdict: I already know these are everything they claim to be. I'll definitely end up wearing them and probably will purchase more in the future.

The last thing I got in my box were the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons in Regular Absorbancy. Unbeknownst to me, I actually have these already and love them. I'm so excited that I received these in the box because, as I'm sure all of you girls know, it sucks to run out of tampons. These are high quality, never leak, and haven't caused me any irritation at all!

I love this box. LOVE IT. I am a college student, but I'm also a full-time employee and a wife. This box didn't only cater to the student aspect of my life and that is so important. All of these products are repurchases for me, as they cater EXCEPTIONALLY to my lifestyle!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Review! Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream

First I would like to start off with the fact that Noxzema has been around forever. I can remember being a little girl and seeing this stuff in my great-grandma's medicine cabinet.

Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream is a deep cleanser that cleans but doesn't over dry. It also removes dirt, oil and makeup.

I absolutely love this cleanser. It is definitely my go to if anything has irritated my face or I am getting oily. It is amazing at getting your skin re-balanced when a product has clogged your pores up. The tingle is a plus too. It makes your face feel clean. Most people don't really like the smell of the eucalyptus oil but I find it pretty nice.

There are only a few things that get me about the cleanser. If you wear makeup you'll have to lay it on thick to get it off all the way and even then, it doesn't all come off. However, it does make a great cleanser for first thing in the morning to get the skin prepped and clean for the day. If you use an astringent or toner after you wash your face it will remove the traces of makeup that are left and you should be home free. Also, something gets me about the tub its in. Something about sticking my fingers in it day after day to clean my face just doesn't seem very sanitary. I wish it came in a squeeze tube like some of the other Noxzema products.

Overall, this product is truly amazing even though it has a few minor downfalls. It seems like Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream will probable be in my medicine cabinet for my great-grandchildren to see :)

Price: $3.99 for 12oz at Target and you can get this stuff almost anywhere for that price.

Here's a link to the product

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sorry I didnt get a chance to post my review. I've had my head in the books. But no worries. Tomorrow is really the night :)